Stacy Studios is now officially closed, but there is a story worth sharing.

    Ron and Marcia began their personal partnership in 1978 and their art partnership in 1980 with Stacy Custom in Kelowna BC. They worked in the field of graphic design, commercial art and sign making as well as custom car and truck artwork featuring gold leaf, glass sandblasting, hand painting, hand pinstriping, airbrushed murals and more.

    With a move to Victoria in 1987, the Stacy’s immersed themselves in illustration, fine art and crafts business.
    Then, 21 years later, a move to Summerland resulted in a somewhat slower pace in art making. The business is now closed, but as artists, the Stacy’s continue to work on personal artistic projects.

    This website is a very small selection of images, meant to share some of what they have accomplished over the years. Please enjoy!

   e-mail stacystudios@shaw.camailto:stacystudios@shaw.cashapeimage_4_link_0